Tips for buying a piano or keyboard


Your son or daughter has taken a free trial lesson at our music school. He or she liked the trial lesson and would like to start piano lessons. In this case, it is important to purchase an instrument so that your child can practice at home. Therefore, here you will find some tips when buying a piano or keyboard. What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a piano? Which brands do we recommend? And is it also possible to purchase a second-hand piano or keyboard?

If you want to purchase a piano or keyboard, it is wise to go to a local music store. In this shop you can try out the different models and brands. If your son or daughter is not yet able to play the piano, you can ask an employee in the store to play something for you. This is often no problem and you can listen to the sound of the instrument. It is important that you pay close attention to this, the sound must appeal to you.

Choose a brand

Many parents of beginners would like to know which brand of piano or keyboard is best to start with. It is a difficult question because it also has to do with taste and of course the budget. At our music school we use pianos and keyboards from the brands of Yamaha and Roland. This has to do with the sound and durability of these brands. There are also other brands such as Casio, usually these are the somewhat cheaper pianos and keyboards. Another well-known brand is Kawai, the pianos and keyboards of this brand have a completely different sound that may well be your taste.

New or second-hand

A new piano or keyboard from the Yamaha brand is not cheap. For an acoustic piano you can think of an amount between five thousand and ten thousand euros. That is why we advise to buy a second-hand acoustic piano. You can already find a second-hand acoustic piano from Yamaha for five hundred to a thousand euros. A good second-hand keyboard from Yamaha can be found for two hundred fifty to five hundred euros. Please note that the keyboard has weighted keys. This means that the keys are heavier than normal keys on a keyboard. In addition, it is important that the keyboard has eighty-eight keys and built-in speakers.


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