5 reasons to start playing the piano





1. Everyone can press keys

It sounds like simple logics, of course, but anyone can press the keys of a piano. The piano is a very simple and well-arranged instrument. All keys that you can use are in two horizontal rows in front of you. Unlike other instruments, everyone gets sound from a piano. That is why the instrument is suitable for starting at a young age.

2. Press the correct keys

Of course sound only becomes music when you press the right keys. A cat that walks the piano produces a random cluster of notes. Although opinions differ on this, we would not define this as music. When you play the piano you will have to deal with melodies and chords. A melody is a sequence of notes that are played, a chord consists of several notes that are played simultaneously.

3. You can play whatever you want

You can play in almost any genre on the piano. It is a very versatile instrument. Many pieces of music in both pop music and classical music use the piano. Sometimes it is used as a basis for guidance, but sometimes also as a main instrument.

4. From high to low

As said, the piano has a very large range of notes. You can play the lowest notes and the highest notes at the same time. This makes it possible to play chords and melody at the same time. For example, you can play the melody with your right hand and play the chords with your left hand as an accompaniment.

5. If you can play the piano you can learn other instruments faster

The basic skills you learn by playing the piano help you learn other instruments faster. Consider, for example, the physical skills that you develop while playing the piano, but also the knowledge you have of music theory.


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