5 reasons why music lessons ar good for your child






1. It is good for school performance. Children who follow music lessons perform better at school. If your child starts taking music lessons at a young age, it later scores better on intelligence tests than children who have not taken music lessons. Music lessons therefore have a positive influence on your child's IQ. The school performances of in particular arithmetic, language, science and handicrafts will improve.

2. It leads to new insights. Children who follow music lessons discover that practice and discipline lead to good results. Music lessons are activities where skills such as concentration and discipline are trained. It is good for your child to see the connection between hard work and results at a young age. These children learn about the growth mindset. The growth mindset is the belief in yourself that you can learn everything if you put enough time and energy into it.

3. It develops physical skills and creative thinking. Music lessons have a positive influence on your child's physical skills. Your child will get to know his or her body and use it to make music. Discovering melodies and rhythm makes new connections in the brain. In addition to this, it also appeals to the memory. As your child takes more music lessons, he or she learns creative thinking. For example, by writing songs or improvising.

4. It has a positive influence on health. Music lessons have a positive influence on the health and general well-being of your child. Your child can discover his or her emotions through music. This is important to better understand themselves and others in our society. It is a process that takes place in the subconscious mind, but definitly has a positive influence.

5. It encourages collaborations with others. Music lessons encourages collaboration with others and the support of common goals. Making music together leads to active participation in conversations and making friends. Your child learns to think for himself, but also for the interest of the group. This results in deeper connections with others and makes your child more social.


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