5 tips for playing bass guitar





1. Find your own way of playing

Many bass players think it is a sin to play with a plectrum. But there are many bass players who use a plectrum. It also depends on which genre you'd like to play. A loud sound is more suitable for genres such as rock and metal. A soft, round sound is more suitable for jazz and pop music.

2. Work on your technique

Whether you play pop, jazz or hip hop, it is good idea to keep working on your technique. A good way to work on your technique is to play highly technical pieces. Think of classical pieces, but progressive metal could also be a big challenge. If you have a good technique then you will find that you can also play better in your own genre.

3. Experiment

If you want to learn to play the bass better, it is good to experiment. See if you can play together with many different musicians. Find out what you can learn from others. Try to experiment with the instrument itself. Investigate what different sounds you can make and discover which sound is best for your style of playing.

4. Improvise

Just like working on your technique, improvising is also very important. Grab your instrument and try to play something that you have never played before. Perhaps you borrow a few licks of a piece you've heard before, or you totally go your own way. It is good for everyone to improvise, especially to connect different parts in your brain.

5. Investigate what works for you

Normally you use two fingers for bass, your middle finger and your index finger. Also try using your other fingers. Maybe it works for you to use your ring finger and little finger too. For example, to play the highest string.


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