7 tips for guitar rookies


1. Take your time

You can't learn to play the guitar in one day. It is important to learn the basic skills at your own pace. Focus on one goal at a time. For example, focus on technique and don't mind the sound. That way you won't get frustrated and a good technique will come in handy later.

2. Pratice every day

You can make a good start with half an hour to an hour of practice a day. If you have more time, for example during the weekends, you might be able to practice for more than an hour. If that doesn't work, that's no problem either. It is better to practice fifteen minutes every day than once a week for an hour.

3. Learn the theory

Music theory is very important for every musical instrument that you want to play. If you have knowledge of notes, melodies and harmonies you will also learn to play the guitar faster. Learning how to play the guitar is more complicated than for example the piano. It is important to know which strings and frets you can use to play certain notes.

4. Jamming

In addition to practice, it is also important to jam. Jamming is playing music by improvising and trying new things. During jamming it is not about techniques, but purely about the sound that you produce. You may discover new patterns that you can use later for your own compositions.

5. Divide a song into pieces

Sometimes there are certain parts in songs that you find difficult. You can start all over again with every mistake you make, but you can also focus on the tricky part. Play the piece you are struggling with at a slow pace and then every time a little faster. You will avoid getting frustrated when you divide the song into pieces.

6. Be inspired

Listen to different music. You may prefer a certain genre, but it is also good to be inspired by other genres and styles. Scroll through different categories in Spotify, or set the radio to a different station. Go to a concert that you wouldn't go to otherwise. You will find that you learn new things about the instrument because every musician uses it in their own way.

7. Don't forget to enjoy

Perhaps this is the most important tip. Playing the guitar is fun and you should enjoy it. It may not always go how you want it, but try not to lose the fun. Playing music is fantastic so enjoy what you do. If you can keep the fun then you will find that everything is easier.


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