Five tips for singing better


1. Relax!

Everything in life becomes easier if you manage to relax yourself. Of course the same applies to singing. If you are nervous or tense then singing is also less easy. Try to find ways to relax. For example, use relaxation exercises or mindfulness.

2. Warm up

Before you start singing it is necessary to warm up your voice. You make vocal sounds with your muscles and muscles need to be warmed up. A football player who comes out of the dressing room does not immediately pull a sprint. Properly warming up your voice helps you to use your entire register. During the warm-up you discover what the lowest and the highest note is that you can reach.

3. Breathe in and breathe out

If you want to sing better, it is important to breathe properly. There are different ways to breathe. Many singers are familiar with breathing to the abdomen, but there are many more ways to breathe. Breathing from the chest can be better in some cases, for example if you want to sing high notes.

4. Practice every day

Just like other skills that you want to develop, it is important to practice every day. Take half an hour or an hour each day to practice singing techniques. These may not be the most exciting exercises, but this way you learn to sing better. You will notice that your technique will improve and that singing becomes easier.

5. Don't forget to enjoy

Singing is fun and you should enjoy everything that is fun. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but try to keep it fun. Singing is one of the nicest things to do, so try to enjoy what you do. If you manage to enjoy while singing, you will notice that you will also sing better.


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