Every month we ask a student to share his or her experiences. Why did they start taking music lessons? What would they still like to learn? And what's their favorite song to play? Read the experiences of Mantre Souri below. Mantre follows piano lessons in Ypenburg.


Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Mantre Souri. I am 7 years old and studying in year 3 at ISH (International School of The Hague). I love music, dancing and gymnastics.


How long have you been taking music lessons with us and why did you start music lessons?

It’s about one and a half year that I am taking the lessons. I started music lessons because the different type of melodies really fascinates me.


What do you think of your teacher and what do you think of the atmosphere in the music room?

I think my teacher Ivy is really nice and lovely, she taught me a lot about music. I think the atmosphere in the music room is so relaxing and it boots up my energy. I feel like I get charged after my lessons.


Which instrument do you play and what do you like about it?

I play the piano and what I live about it is its tune.


What did you learn during the music lesson and what would you still like to learn? 

I learned how to read the notes and how to listen better to the notes to have them saved in my mind. So that I can repeatedly play them in my mind. I would love to learn songs by Alan Walker ;)


What is your favorite song to play and why?

My favorite song is the ballet dancers, because of its tune and tempo.


Do you have any ideas or tips for us?

Not really, guess you are doing great ;)


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