Tips for studying music at home


Practice for 15 minutes

If you'd like to play a musical instrument, it is important to practice regularly. In the beginning you are very enthusiastic and you could practice all day long. It is good to realize that it is more effective and efficient to practice for 15 minutes every day than an half hour once a week. Of course, in the beginning it is difficult to practice a whole song in 15 minutes, but you will see that you will get more and more out of those 15 minutes if you keep practicing every day.

Do not give up

Some days you feel more like practising than on other days. Always try to practice at least 15 minutes. Our teachers try to make the music lessons as fun as possible, but you should also practice enough. If you are really having a hard day, you can also choose to play a musical game via the Earz app. This is an app that you can use for free as a student of our music school. That way you keep developing yourself musically without touching your instrument.

Ask for help

Do you have trouble playing certain pieces of music or do you get stuck at a certain part of a song? Consult your teacher so that he or she can help you get through this. For example, you can ask for the teacher's number or his or her email address. That way you can ask your teacher for advice.

Play for others

If you can play a song completely, then above all try to enjoy it. You have taken a step in your development and it is very important to realize this. Of course it is also important to show your progress to friends, family and acquaintances. Let other people hear you play during a party or birthday. People often react very enthusiastically when someone can play an instrument. You will get a boost and it also stimulates you to practice more and more often.


Let's discover where your musical passion lies. We are going to inspire you and help you develop your talent. Follow one of our music lessons in Ypenburg, Leidschenveen or Wateringse Veld and start your musical adventure. Book a free trial lesson!

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